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Client/Server Applications
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If you have a requirement where in, your business needs to have a network of client computers but you would like all your data to be stored/processed from a single server computer, or you want to create an application that takes requests and delivering them to client computers, developing a client/server application would be the right choice for such a need.
Talk to us:
Infocognize experts will first determine the need for a client/server application by analyzing your business requirements and work/data flow.
Old or new:
Once a business case has been established, we will then proceed to formulate how the existing stand-alone applications can be converted into a client/server model as well as weigh the pros and cons of installing an entirely new server system.
Let things flow on:
Our experts will also ensure and install dependable backup procedures to make sure that business continuity is maintained, while the migration/installation is in progress and also when there is a mishap of server failure due to any reason. Virtual snapshots will also be made available to overcome the inconveniences caused by server failures easily.
Virtual Server:
We also offer virtualization services for your needs in terms of creating virtual versions of your OS, servers, desktops, etc. We can develop applications that can create many virtualized environments within each instance of your OS. This will include network virtualization as well as data abstraction.
How do we do it?
  • We use multi-tiered architecture to create our applications.
  • We use modular programming concepts to create little applications performing their own defined tasks while communicating smoothly among each other on both the client and server sides.
  • Our front ends are programmed for easy usability, user-friendly GUIs and adaptable designing.
  • Our client/server applications are modeled on platform independence.
Why should you choose it?
  • Scalability is the biggest advantage.
  • Data security and integrity
  • Flexibility of data use
  • Quick access due to robust architecture
  • Real-time dialogue between server and client enables a successful ecommerce relationship, which is very important in today’s age.
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